Extra sausage

It’s 6am in the morning but it was still dark outside… and cold based on the thick condensation on my window. This means I readjusted my alarm to 8am hoping when I next woke up, there will be more daylight to encourage me to leave my cozy bed.

8am. A little more light yes but the sky was grey. Siri informed me that the temperature has risen to more encouraging 14 degrees so I rolled out of bed and prepared for breakfast.

One advantages of living in the town centre is being closed to daily amenities like food places and McDonalds is literally 50 steps from where I live, the only reason I dismissed a hot delicious english breakfast is because it is double the count going there.

McDonalds is busy and filled with Deliveroo/UberEat drivers. I guess more people foregone the idea of getting out the house completely when they saw the grey sky and wet roads.

As per usual the kiosk where I put my order in didn’t print a receipt. It’s either they haven’t replaced the cartridge from last night or it run out after the 98th customer of the day. I decided on pancake and sausage and a cup of hot choco. I felt like it has all the important calories I needed to sustain a Sunday I expect to be good but uneventful.

The staff are all busy and there was a system to the chaos that only themselves know. My drink was double checked and was replaced because it wasn’t hot choco…put back and replaced by the right one.

Once on the table I realised that they didn’t give me a sausage. I debated whether to go back to the counter I could partially see from behind the little crowd waiting for the orders…is it worth queuing again? But then…I really want the sausage so I went back and the manager himself assisted me. I told him it’s no problem at all when he apologised. I heard him tell the staff to put two sausages as an apology to me.

I happily walked back to my table, quite thrilled to get an extra sausage but I guess today it is really more hectic for them than usual.

No matter, today is a good day. I plugged in to my favorite playlist and enjoyed my 3 pancakes and 1 sausage.

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Hi my name is Chin. I'm an untroubled little human who struggles to sleep and loves drinking tea due to peer pressure. Welcome to my uncomplicated world.

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