• Extra sausage

    It’s 6am in the morning but it was still dark outside… and cold based on the thick condensation on my window. This means I readjusted my alarm to 8am hoping when I next woke up, there will be more daylight to encourage me to leave my cozy bed. 8am. A little more light yes but…

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  • Good morning

    I have been home four days since my month-long stay in the States. The grey sky and the mercurial British weather welcomed me back. These are my constants here and I am grateful for it. When I walked out from the airport, I found myself smiling as the cold raindrops made dark patterns on my…

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  • Murder on the Train

    WARNING: Sensitive content. I managed to squeeze through the tiny gap of the closing door of the train and nearly knocked over a man dressed in black standing right by the door. I mumbled a breathless “sorry” and walked around him to take the seat along the aisle in the middle part of the train.…

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  • A beautiful Easter day

    After so many cold gloomy days, I woke up to sunlight pouring inside my bedroom, bathing me in warm yellow light. It was so cozy I stayed cocooned beneath the duvet for a good couple of hours before I could make myself get out of bed. These past few days we were treated to a…

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  • Happy holidays

    This has been a crazy year for everyone. So much anxiety, fear, doubt…a lot of missing the people we love but can’t visit and less touching and hugging the ones we miss. But I guess this has made us more appreciative of the time we spend with the people who matter most to us. It…

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  • 11,680 Sunsets

    Serenity. It is the reason why I love sunsets so much. It has the power to envelope me in a world where stress, pain and worry do not exist. It is the pause button in my day. The few minutes it takes for the sun to dip in the red and orange splashed horizon is…

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