water rainy rain raindrops
Photo by Markus Spiske on Pexels.com

Repeated small tapping sound woke me from an afternoon nap. I did not realize that I fell asleep and gray sky met my eyes as soon as I opened them. Fat drops of water hit the bedroom window and small rivers of rainwater were cascading down the glass blurring the street below. I could only make out the distorted shapes of hunched figures wrapped in thick coats and parkas rushing by as they try to escape the heavy downpour. The few people with umbrellas walked in a much sedate pace and were more careful not to walk in puddles that has formed on the cracked and uneven sidewalk. It was four in the afternoon and cars were already turning their headlights on as the sky turned even darker and the loud rumbling of the thunder rolled in the distance. When the lightning hit it was blinding like the flash of the camera.

Tap tap tap tap.

I snuggled deeper in my comforter and watch the freezing rain drench the world outside my warm cocoon.

Tap tap tap tap.

Another burst of light split the dark sky followed by the rolling sound of thunder. I saw the silhouete of people in the double decker bus that rolled by. An old woman in a bright yellow raincoat was mincing her way down the street in her three-wheeled walker. She pauses every few seconds, adjust her hold on the walker and continued on. Another bus rolled by. The tapping of raindrops on the window continued.

A cup of tea

person holding a teacup
Photo by Djurdjina ph.djiz on Pexels.com

I was never a tea drinker but since moving in the UK, I found myself having a cup or two of tea in between my usual cups of coffee. Months passed by and my trusted container of coffee had been pushed far back in the cupboard as more tea bags of varying color and flavors took its place. I drink tea in the morning, after meals, mid afternoon and then again at night. I found teas for boosting the mind, detoxing, for when sleeping is an impossibility and…tea basically for anything.

Tea apparently is for any occasion. When I was having a very busy day I felt like dying, I was offered a cup of tea. When I was having a bad day, I was given tea to make me feel better. When I was celebrating for passing the exam, I had tea offered instead of the bubbly. And when I was angry over something, they slipped me a cup of tea to calm me.

A cup of tea is the solution to every problem and the answer to every dilemma and the drink for any occasion. I’m used to “hey wanna grab a cup of coffee?” or “Wanna catch up over a coffee later?” But now, “Let’s grab a cup of tea” is something familiar and comforting. I associate it now to something nice and calm and sedate.

I became obsessed with peppermint tea which is good for digestion, chamomile tea for promoting good sleep and relaxation, herbal infusion tea for detox, ginger tea with lime (I put fresh lime) for aches and pains, green tea for overall health and fruit flavored tea for when I just want to feel good and happy. I always put a big dollop of organic honey to add flavor and basically to enhance the taste. We all know honey is a very good antioxidant and has healing properties.


So, yes, this is the reason why my half empty container of coffee is feeling abandoned, unimportant and definitely hurt at the back of the kitchen cupboard.