5 tips to survive your first week on a new job

A year ago, I moved here in the UK and worked in a completely new environment where the practice is different from what I was used to and the people I get to work with are diverse. There are new equipment to use, new procedures to learn, trainings to undergo, exams to pass and spellings and medical terminologies to get used to. I did not know what to expect. On my first weeks at work, I would always come in expecting for the worst (habit) so every good thing that happened was a surprise.

So here are my personal tips to surviving your first week at a new job:

Smile. This is an unfailing overture of friendship. I didn’t know anybody on my first day but I was always quick to greet with a smile even before I speak to create a positive atmosphere.

Be open-minded. While learning the culture of the workplace and familiarizing yourself with the system, assimilate new information without prejudice. It will help you learn and grow.

Study and don’t be afraid to ask. Take every opportunity to learn. Ask questions to clarify things you’re not sure of. Don’t be afraid to admit that you don’t know how to do certain things. And study cases you’re presented with at work by reading related journals and the classic textbooks.

Be yourself. This applies to any situation and any place, always be true to who you are. This gives you integrity and promote good interpersonal relation with your colleagues.

Avoid gossip. It breaks good work relationships and create unpleasant feelings for everybody. Also, when you gossip, doesn’t it say a lot about your character?

Hope these are helpful. How about you, do you have personal tips to share? I’d love to hear them!