Trendy fashion jewelries

Fashion earrings! Even as a little kid, I knew about fashion jewelries. I have three sisters and growing up, our mom loved dressing us up not just in those cute little human outfits but also those adjustable plated rings and plastic sparkly earrings. We lived for it.

Many years later and I still adore fashion jewelries. They are stylish statement pieces that easily step up our look. Here are some of my favorites.


When buying fashion jewelry, I make sure to buy pieces that have smooth finish especially at the back. I pay special attention to the quality of the stones/gems–I buy the ones that look as real as possible. And to make them last longer, it is important to store and polish them properly. Unlike fine jewelries, fashion jewelries easily tarnish. Regular polishing of microfiber cloth is important. Sometimes, I use the cleaning agents for gold and silver on them and they shine like real ones. When storing them, it is best to wrap them in a soft cloth or keep them in a box lined with felt.


Stay fabulous!

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