100 days of happiness

Find a reason to smile everyday.


So I was gift hunting yesterday for my sister’s upcoming birthday when I saw this.

Here is what it looks like inside.

I think it is great for helping us focus on the positive things in life and help us appreciate more the small things we do that actually make days brighter. This is one of the gifts I bought for her birthday. This is quite similar to the gratitude journal she used to do and I know she’ll love this.

As for me, this inspired me to start my own challenge of 100 days of happiness. Instead of following the book’s prompts, I decided to identify the things that make me smile each day for 100 days. Sometimes, because of the nature of my job, fatigue and yes, boredom, I find it easier to slide down the negative side of the spectrum where frustration, indifference and sadness form a quicksand where I could get trapped in. It is a struggle to avoid it. So today is day 0. I hope that by the end of this personal challenge, I’ll be more positive, happier and grateful.