A beautiful Easter day

After so many cold gloomy days, I woke up to sunlight pouring inside my bedroom, bathing me in warm yellow light. It was so cozy I stayed cocooned beneath the duvet for a good couple of hours before I could make myself get out of bed. These past few days we were treated to a totally unpredictable weather (not that it was anything new)–but it snowed, in April! And weather forecast says snow on the weekend. We are probably looking at five days of summer this year. So waking up to a beautiful day with streaming sunshine and deep blue sky was a luxury. I felt really happy and my heart was imbued with gratefulness.

I leaped out the bed and run in the living room. As expected, sunlight was spilling in the room from the picture window and the flowers sitting on the table nearby seemed more vibrant. A perfect morning indeed and I basked in the sunshine while enjoying a bowl of granola. It was so invigorating. A while later, my sister and I decided to spend the day outside (like the rest of the masked populace) and drove to Coombe Hill which was about 15 minutes away from our flat. The small parking space and the whole length of street were packed with cars but surprisingly, the place was not too crowded. We meandered along small footpaths to avoid other people until we reached the peak of the hill. The light breeze blowing was chilly but as long as we were seated on a patch of sunlight it was bearable. The sky was so blue not a speck of cloud in sight. Occasionally, birds could be seen silently gliding in the air.

It was peaceful.

Coombe Hill

Happy holidays

This has been a crazy year for everyone. So much anxiety, fear, doubt…a lot of missing the people we love but can’t visit and less touching and hugging the ones we miss. But I guess this has made us more appreciative of the time we spend with the people who matter most to us. It also made us treasure those little things we usually take for granted because we didn’t realize how precious they were. 2020 is probably the worst year for some or most of us. Even so, I’m still grateful for it has its moments. May we all find happiness, love and treasures to keep. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.❤️

11,680 Sunsets

Serenity. It is the reason why I love sunsets so much. It has the power to envelope me in a world where stress, pain and worry do not exist. It is the pause button in my day. The few minutes it takes for the sun to dip in the red and orange splashed horizon is enough to calm my frazzled mind. It allows me to breathe for a moment and reorganize my priorities. It makes me think of tomorrow on a positive note. When you are faced with a magnificent moment it is hard not to be content and happy. Contentment and happiness…such fleeting emotions feeling them is such a high it is addicting. Sunsets evoke these feelings in me, no matter how short a moment, it is precious. I want another 11,680 sunsets. I want another magical moment to build my dream on…to set new goals. When I was young, I dreamt of this life that I have now as I was looking out our living room window at the fiery ball slowly rolling down the sky against the silhouette of the mountain. With a smile I daydreamed of watching sunsets in another place far away. A place I can make my dreams happen and be happy and content just like in that moment.

This was in Venice, another place I dreamt of going to many sunsets ago. While sitting on the wharf with cool breeze blowing from the sea and seagulls flying overhead, I couldn’t help but smile. The pieces in my life are finally coming together. I am grateful.

On my way home from work, I had to stop to admire this golden sunset🧡