• Water, blue sky and mountain

    I hope you all had a lovely weekend.

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  • Mood

    Everybody loves the things you do From the way you talk To the way you move Everybody here is watching you ‘Cause you feel like home You’re like a dream come true But if by chance you’re here alone Can I have a moment Before I go? ‘Cause I’ve been by myself all night long … Continue reading Mood

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  • An evening with friends, pizza and a dog

    The dough felt cool on my fingertips as I spread it on the baking tray. I worked on spreading it as evenly as possible without making any holes on it, even though Tonia, our curly haired Italian friend who got lashes as long as a woman’s envy and eyes that sparkle when she laughs, said … Continue reading An evening with friends, pizza and a dog

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  • British weather

    Everything is gray. Rain is pouring. Thunder is rolling. Lightning is flashing. Felt like it happened in a blink. One moment the sun was out and people were walking around in shorts and short-sleeve tops. Others wore flip flops. Teenage boys zoomed past in their skateboards and toddlers were running around trying to catch pigeons… … Continue reading British weather

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  • Chitchat

    I was general cleaning the other day and I found unused colored pencils in one of the plastic bags stashed on a random corner in our flat. I don’t remember buying it so it was probably my dad’s. He loves doodling, painting, taking pictures and lots of other things but he is the best at … Continue reading Chitchat

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  • Book Review: The Beekeeper’s Promise

    My Book Rating: I was horrified to be told that the last time I picked up a book was in 2018, which I have to emphasize is not true. It just so happened that I recently reactivated my Kindle account and the only record of my last reading streak was in 2018. Nevertheless, I was … Continue reading Book Review: The Beekeeper’s Promise

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