I just wanted to share these lovely thoughts that I found to truly resonate with my beliefs.

This week…

I found myself with lots of free time. And I did not find things to do like I used to. At first it made me antsy because when I’m not busy I feel like I am wasting time. But this week was different. I literally did not do anything (that’s work related). I started each day at around 10 or 11. I ate brunch at this nice café that serves greasy english breakfast…it was delicious. I found cute accessories at this shop that’s closing so everything was really sold at amazingly low prices. I bought cardigan that has classy gold buttons. I bought groceries that hopefully will actually get cooked. And I found these patches that are applied on the soles of the feet to aid sleep. I tried it and I did have a good sleep but to be able to say it was effective I should at least try it several times but I’m reluctant to do that at the moment because the essential oil (stale smell) sticks to the sheets and I had to wash them all the next day. But I might try it again when I’m desperate for sleep.

I reconnected with friends I haven’t talked to in a while. I realized that I have great people around me (most of them are not physically around but they can be reached any time). I am getting better at not getting negative things affect me. It helps that I am a mind-over-heart kind of person. I decided to block and cut off toxic people.

The sun was bright this week! I was able to wear my summer dresses. I had a great time rediscovering the restaurants near me. I found cute shops in London that actually have my size. I found promising skin care products I am excited to try.

I am happy❤

I love these sweet strawberries in sparkling water
Delicious indian dishes from a nearby restaurant
Salted caramel brownie with non-dairy melon ice cream

Pretentious Monday

I cooked and my sister was a vegan. There’s nothing more pretentious than that. My sister was up early to do her grocery shopping for her vegan menu of the day which was pad thai. Between the two of us, she’s the “better” cook. Although, I might be doing her a disfavor by comparing her cooking skill to me which is non-existent. She does cook pasta very well. And her japanese omelette is really nice. It’s called Tamagoyaki.


When I cook on the other hand, it’s more like a trial and error and the chance of getting it right is 1:5 with one being an accident.

So, we cooked the morning away and I am happy to say we did a great job.

Shrimp in sour soup

This turned out surprisingly well. And because I love fried rice, I cooked some as well. I know the soup and fried rice don’t match but hey, I was quite happy with everything.

And here’s the delicious pad thai my sister made. I swear she’s getting really good at this vegan recipes.

So by late evening, I thought that was it. She was able to go complete vegan for a day…well until I saw her putting 2 spoonfuls of fried rice (it has ham on it!) on the pad thai.

There’s always tomorrow.

Good day, good mood

We had a complete weather switch! We woke up to a bright sunny day, a blue sky unmarred by clouds and to people milling in the street with big smiles on their faces. The sun was so good on the skin it immediately put me in a good mood. I guess the hour long jog helped as well. Here are a couple of photos I took while at the park.


I had to stop to take a photo of these beautiful flowers. I recently found out that red tulip means eternal love. I’m not sure what the other flowers are called though but what I do know is that they’re lovely, too!


The jog was invigorating except for the itchiness that attacked my legs a few minutes into jogging. It was so bad I wanted to turn back to see if I got something on my clothes. But my sister insisted that it was normal and would soon go away. It did went away several minutes into our cooling down exercise. And of course, I had to google it! There were hilarious (but probably true) explanations but the one that made sense for my case was this: I haven’t been exercising lately (for decades now) and when I finally did the capillaries in my lower extremities had an increased blood flow and the expanding capillaries (they expand to allow for more blood flow) stimulated the nerve endings surrounding it which in turn sent “itchy signals” to the brain. Itchy signals? Probably because it was not pain and the brain doesn’t know how to interpret the discomfort and chose itchiness as an alternative (cheeky brain!). Thanks livestrong for this very scientific explanation.

My poor brain probably was so alarmed this morning when it received strange signals it went to self preservation mode and launched “itchy legs attack”.

I spent the entire afternoon just chilling in town. I found this book which I hope will help improve my rudimentary skill in photography.