Last post for 2019

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Just having this blog for this long is an achievement. I joined wordpress in 2012 and since then has more than a few blogs that I created and taken down just because I did not feel for them anymore. They were blogs created as I go through different phases in my life…well just like this one. But I am hoping I will be able to hold on to this.

I woke up today to family and friends’ greeting of happy New Year and indeed just like everyone else I am eager to start another chapter in my life. I am grateful for the life I have lived in 2019. It wasn’t as exciting and adventurous as I hoped it would be but it has taught me to be better, nicer and kinder.

Here are my New Year’s Resolution:

1. I hope to be truer to myself.

2. I will do what I love most and what will make me happy.

3. Love myself.

Wishing everyone a happy new year. Cheers to a happier, healthier and bountiful 2020.

Flu found me

Flu snuck up on me and I had to call in sick today. I had a fitful sleep due to congested nose and coughing my lungs out.

I found that peppermint tea with lemon and a great dollop of honey works well for the cold. I felt much better after having a cup.

To pass the time, I made myself a festive looking tassel drop earrings.

Feel good tassel drop earrings🥂

I’m going to wear this till it makes me feel better. Now it’s time for another cuppa.

100 days of happiness

Find a reason to smile everyday.


So I was gift hunting yesterday for my sister’s upcoming birthday when I saw this.

Here is what it looks like inside.

I think it is great for helping us focus on the positive things in life and help us appreciate more the small things we do that actually make days brighter. This is one of the gifts I bought for her birthday. This is quite similar to the gratitude journal she used to do and I know she’ll love this.

As for me, this inspired me to start my own challenge of 100 days of happiness. Instead of following the book’s prompts, I decided to identify the things that make me smile each day for 100 days. Sometimes, because of the nature of my job, fatigue and yes, boredom, I find it easier to slide down the negative side of the spectrum where frustration, indifference and sadness form a quicksand where I could get trapped in. It is a struggle to avoid it. So today is day 0. I hope that by the end of this personal challenge, I’ll be more positive, happier and grateful.


Bunch of happy people

Because the sun was shining brightly! It was 22 degrees and the warm kiss of the sun was divine.

My sister and I happened to have an unplanned several days off from work so we didn’t know what to do with ourselves. We shopped, we watched a movie, we bought ourselves lots of tea and she cooked bicol express.

Now bicol express is a spicy dish. It is made of pork that’s sliced in tiny pieces and cooked in red chilli and creamy coconut milk. The smell was delicious.

But it was so spicy we couldn’t eat it. She admitted to adding more chilli flakes on top of the red chilli so we ended up having burning mouth and stomach. We sat there at the table laughing so hard while trying not to choke on the sweets we’re shoving in our mouths in an attempt to soothe our blistering tongues. We ended up washing the meat then deep frying them.

Tomorrow I’m cooking buttered shrimp. Hope it won’t be a disaster.

Chicken soup

I woke up this morning feeling chilled but hot with fever and throat too sore. I had all this plans about going outside and enjoying the weak sunlight but the pounding headache restricted me to my bed.

I rarely get sick. I may be underweight and thin but I seldom get sick even when I am surrounded by people sneezing and coughing their lungs out. But today, I’m feeling terrible. I made myself a chicken soup from a packet and pretended it was the delicious soup my mom would make when I was a kid and sick and didn’t have an appetite to eat.