I just wanted to share these lovely thoughts that I found to truly resonate with my beliefs.

This week…

I found myself with lots of free time. And I did not find things to do like I used to. At first it made me antsy because when I’m not busy I feel like I am wasting time. But this week was different. I literally did not do anything (that’s work related). I started each day at around 10 or 11. I ate brunch at this nice café that serves greasy english breakfast…it was delicious. I found cute accessories at this shop that’s closing so everything was really sold at amazingly low prices. I bought cardigan that has classy gold buttons. I bought groceries that hopefully will actually get cooked. And I found these patches that are applied on the soles of the feet to aid sleep. I tried it and I did have a good sleep but to be able to say it was effective I should at least try it several times but I’m reluctant to do that at the moment because the essential oil (stale smell) sticks to the sheets and I had to wash them all the next day. But I might try it again when I’m desperate for sleep.

I reconnected with friends I haven’t talked to in a while. I realized that I have great people around me (most of them are not physically around but they can be reached any time). I am getting better at not getting negative things affect me. It helps that I am a mind-over-heart kind of person. I decided to block and cut off toxic people.

The sun was bright this week! I was able to wear my summer dresses. I had a great time rediscovering the restaurants near me. I found cute shops in London that actually have my size. I found promising skin care products I am excited to try.

I am happy❤

I love these sweet strawberries in sparkling water
Delicious indian dishes from a nearby restaurant
Salted caramel brownie with non-dairy melon ice cream