USER_SCOPED_TEMP_DATA_MSGR_PHOTO_FOR_UPLOAD_1564780904439Sleep is rather an elusive affair for me. It is infuriating and dejecting. However, I would often find my mind more active during these sleepless nights. I think of projects to do, poems to write, ideas for decorating the house, etc. My brain is usually a beehive of activity. Calming music, sound of nature or meditation would not even quiet it down. This is when  anxiety usually sets in. It made me anxious that I am going on a long day at work with zero sleep. The tiredness makes me jittery and short-tempered. The extra wrinkle that I could have sworn wasn’t there a couple of nights ago makes me panic. Not being able to sleep was a great source of worry for me. I felt helpless…until that night when I discovered the cathartic effect of writing. I am no writer, I simply write, ignoring art or style, and let the chaos in my mind pour out in the form of words. This finally allowed me to catch some much needed sleep. The problem did not go away but I learned how to cope and it improved my wellbeing immensely. Escape to Aurora Lane is a place of tranquility for me.