Book Review: The Beekeeper’s Promise

My Book Rating:

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I was horrified to be told that the last time I picked up a book was in 2018, which I have to emphasize is not true. It just so happened that I recently reactivated my Kindle account and the only record of my last reading streak was in 2018. Nevertheless, I was greatly unsettled by this so without even reading the book description, I opened the first recommendation in the store which was The Beekeeper’s Promise. Perhaps it was my lucky day because the book turned out really good. 

The book was written by a bestselling author, Fiona Valpy. It is a captivating book which entwined the stories of two enduring women from two different times- separated by decades. One lived in the chaos of war, a famous beekeeper who met the love of her life through it, fell in love and got separated but in its wake became a fighter on her own right for France’s liberty and the other in the 20th century, a heartbroken woman from London who came to France for a yoga retreat but ended up taking a summer job in the beautiful Château Bellevue, the place where both their stories connected.

It is considerably a light read despite being written against the backdrop of war. I prefer stories that do not involve the grotesque mistreatment and heartbreaking sufferings of people caught in the war but this book is an exception. The story was focused on the main character that the details about the war were just mentioned in passing. This way, I was spared from the usual gloom I feel when reading books on this subject. 

The book also depicted the soft tenacity of a woman’s fortitude amidst grief and hardship. Eliane in particular showed great dignity and confidence in the way she carried herself and when dealing with difficult situations. 

I also enjoyed the crash course on bees and their behavior, the different medicinal herbs and their uses and the grave cycle of abuse. I appreciate how much research has gone in this book because although it’s fictional, they offer factual information.

The Beekeeper’s Promise is a beautiful story of love, loyalty, courage, resilience and healing which will be found enjoyable by everybody. 

In the midst of winter, I found that there was within me an invincible summer.-Retour à Tipasa, Albert Camus (1952)

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