The Front Room

20200223_233133It is what it was called. Glass front walls with black frames. Soft green synthetic grass carpeted the pavement outfront where a few picnic tables offered more seating for warmer days. A bicycle with a front basket filled with little succulent plants for sale was leaning against the wall. Charming, relaxed and truly inviting, those were why my friend and I ended up having a delicious cup of coffee one afternoon.

Upon entering the room, you will be greeted by baked cookies, croissants, muffins, brownies and slices of cakes. Their menu on the wall was written neatly in chalk. Floor to ceiling shelves packed with interesting books divide the room in three sections for customers lounging pleasure. It was a beautiful concept of inviting to enrich not only the discerning palates but also the minds. Who wouldn’t enjoy a good book over a cuppa? The room’s primary decoration were plants of all sizes. There were potted plants in corners, on tables and lovely vines hanging from the ceiling giving off a soothing vibe. There were vintage looking couches around scarred wooden coffee tables. There was free wifi as well if you need it to work in an environment that cultivates productivity. Overall, the room just says stay and have meaningful conversation over delicious treats and hot drinks.

We stayed for an hour. I was planning on coming back already even before I stepped out the door.

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Hi my name is Chin. I'm an untroubled little human who struggles to sleep and loves drinking tea due to peer pressure. Welcome to my uncomplicated world.

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