Last post for 2019

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Just having this blog for this long is an achievement. I joined wordpress in 2012 and since then has more than a few blogs that I created and taken down just because I did not feel for them anymore. They were blogs created as I go through different phases in my life…well just like this one. But I am hoping I will be able to hold on to this.

I woke up today to family and friends’ greeting of happy New Year and indeed just like everyone else I am eager to start another chapter in my life. I am grateful for the life I have lived in 2019. It wasn’t as exciting and adventurous as I hoped it would be but it has taught me to be better, nicer and kinder.

Here are my New Year’s Resolution:

1. I hope to be truer to myself.

2. I will do what I love most and what will make me happy.

3. Love myself.

Wishing everyone a happy new year. Cheers to a happier, healthier and bountiful 2020.

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